With cardboard to the circular economy

(Image: Rutgers Printing & Packaging Solutions/WestRock)

The search for fibre-based packaging solutions that can replace those made of plastic is not diminishing. This was also evident at this year’s European Carton Excellence Award in Krakow. This year’s entries included a particularly large number of structural and conceptual innovations.

“The judges look at where a package has specific benefits or advantages, whether it be in terms of material savings, structural design, feel, merchandising and of course consumer understanding and benefit. This year we noticed that while a few years ago we had a lot of entries that focused on print finishes, new print techniques and embossing/textures, we are now seeing more and more sophisticated, clever boxes“, said Satkar Gidda, Chairman of the Jury.

Folding Box of the Year

European Carton Excellence Award Gewinner
(Image: Rutgers Printing & Packaging Solutions)

Rutgers Printing & Packaging Solutions won the Folding Box of the Year award with the “General/Snack Tomatoes” box. The cardboard for the user-friendly packaging comes from Stora Enso. Even after repeated use, the packaging made from a food-safe cardboard made from renewable virgin fibre can be resealed. The jury praised the presence at the point of sale of the one-piece design.


(Image: Van Genechten Packaging)

In the sustainability category, a package from Van Genechten Packaging with a board from Mets├Ą Board came out on top. The company developed a cardboard packaging for a shampoo and conditioner set for Herbal Essences. The jury praised the product presentation through the packaging. The sustainable alternative to plastic shrink film offers a platform for consumer communication.


(Image: WestRock)

WestRock developed a Cluster Pak carrier for the water brand Sanpellegrino and won in the innovation category. The carton protects the product all around with barcode masking on the top and a can closure on the bottom. The packaging requires little material and no glue. The closure is mechanical and facilitates recycling.

General Packaging - Fresh Fibre

Faller Packaging was awarded in the category General Packaging – Fresh Fibre and convinced with the Pleio-Flow-RF-Device. The cardboard packaging is used for the transport and safe storage of surgical equipment. Safety and functionality are particularly important. The unprinted cardboard for this packaging comes from Holmen Iggesund and meets the strict requirements for packaging for medical products.

General Packaging - Recycled Fibre

(Image: Lucaprint)

Lucaprint‘s packaging for a multiple socket made of recycled plastic is particularly natural. The cardboard is supplied by the RDM Group and underlines the sustainable concept of the packaged product. The classic plastic packaging was replaced by recycled cardboard, which has a natural feel and a tamper-proof closure mechanism. The packaging was awarded in the category General Packaging – Recycled Fibre.

Food and Beverage Packaging - Virgin Fibre

(Image: Autajon Durero Packaging)

Autajon Durero Packaging supplied packaging especially for the e-commerce sector with a carton from Stora Enso. The multipack unit holds tonic water in recycled glass bottles. The cardboard packaging has foldable handles, which makes it easy to carry. It also saves space during transport and eliminates the need for a protective film. This won the award in the category Food and Beverage Packaging – Virgin Fibre.

Food and Beverage Packaging - Recycled Fibre

(Image: MM Packaging)

In the category Food and Beverage Packaging – Recycled Fibre, MM Packaging won with a potato box made of cardboard from MM Board & Packaging. The plastic-free packaging is characterised by easy handling and storage. The smooth surface of the cardboard serves as a communication surface. The viewing window is made of cellulose window film and rounds off the packaging.

Gold Award and Public Award

(Image: Ducaju)

For the approaching Christmas season, an advent calendar by Ducaju won a Gold Award as well as the Public Award. The cardboard for the spherical calendar comes from Billerud and was finished with hot foil accents. The 24 compartments can be filled individually and the calendar can be hung on a ribbon.

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