Fresh food packaging with low plastic content

The plastic film of Trayforma BarrPeel from Stora Enso is easy to peel off from the cardboard packaging.
(Image: Stora Enso)

Stora Enso launches Trayforma BarrPeel, an easy-peel board material for vacuum skin packaging. The new solution is suitable for packaging fresh food. According to the company, the amount of plastic used is low. 

Trayforma BarrPeel by Stora Enso is a sustainable barrier-coated paperboard material for pressed trays — an ideal solution for vacuum packaging cold cuts, single portion meats, fish, and cheese. It consists of 90 percent renewable wood fibers, keeping plastic usage to a minimum and significantly reducing the packagingÔÇÖs carbon footprint. Vacuum-sealed skin packaging extends the shelf life of fresh food, thus limiting environmental impact by preventing food waste.

The special surface of Trayforma BarrPeel material allows the overlaying polymer skin film to be easily peeled, providing packagers with an affordable solution that satisfies the increasing consumer demand for sustainable packaging materials.

ÔÇťWith Trayforma BarrPeel, we improve environmental performance on two levels: protecting food to provide a longer shelf life, and reducing the share of fossil-based materials. WeÔÇÖre especially proud that we can achieve this while also providing a great user experience. This easily peelable tray material lets consumers enjoy their product with minimal effort.ÔÇŁ

Jaana Keskitalo, Technical Account Manager, Trayforma & Barriers at Stora Enso

Source: Stora Enso

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