Huhtamaki and Nespresso develop home compostable coffee capsules

In France customers will be able to use home compostable coffee capsules developed by Huhtamaki and Nespresso for their daily coffee
(Image: Nespresso)

At the beginning of 2021 Huhtamaki and Nespresso entered a partnership to develop home compostable paper-based coffee capsules. With the company’s high-precision technology wood fibers can be molded into shapes with high-precision tolerances to a fraction of a millimeter.

The collaboration between the two companies, used a lean approach to product and process development, accelerating the time to market in record time. The home compostable paper-based coffee capsule was launched by Nespresso in France yesterday, November 21, 2022.  It is a significant development in innovation for the circular economy and a leap forward for consumers around the world. The capsules will initially be piloted with consumers in France and Switzerland in spring 2023 before being introduced more widely. 

Huhtamaki and Nespresse enter the French market with paper-based coffee capsules.
(Image: Huhtamaki)

Huhtamaki’s proprietary high-precision technology for smooth molded fiber transforms wood pulp fibers into high performance packing solutions which can be applied to a myriad of different consumer applications. The proprietary high-precision technology for smooth molded fiber is part of the companyÔÇÖs blueloop brand promise, reflecting its 2030 sustainability ambition. The paper-based coffee capsules are made from wood fiber, responsibly sourced from European forests. They have been independently certified by T├ťV ÔÇô as home compostable and compostable in food waste collection schemes.┬áThe coffee capsules protect coffee quality and freshness while offering the required functionality that delivers the high-quality coffee for which the brand is known ÔÇô with no compromise on the taste experience.

Huhtamaki's CEO Charles Heaulme
(Image: Huhtamaki)

“We are delighted to have partnered with Nespresso on a unique home compostable paper-based capsule designed for circularity. This breakthrough innovation is the result of combining fiber, a natural renewable material, with our proprietary high precision technology, creating a sustainable alternative for Nespresso lovers. The capsules will be produced in line with our blueloopÔäó brand promise, which incorporates our commitment to design for circularity, to be operationally carbon neutral, and to responsibly source our materials in line with our 2030 strategy.”

Charles H├ęaulm├ę, President and CEO at Huhtamaki

Huhtamaki is committed to delivering sustainable packaging solutions with a positive impact on the environment. It is pro-actively working with innovative consumer brands to redesign the future of packaging. This partnership’s success demonstrates how innovation and collaboration can deliver for the circular economy, and tackle climate action by becoming carbon neutral while not forgetting other environmental and social aspects of sustainability.

Source: Huhtamaki

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