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Sappi offers new packaging solutions for food and non-food applications. The translucent paper Crystalcon is a sustainable packaging paper that can be recycled and allows customers to see the packed product. The paper can be used for confectionery, envelopes or magazines. 

Consumers are increasingly demanding more sustainable packaging solutions, but they also want to be able to examine product contents when walking through supermarket aisles. Currently, film is often used in whole or in part for such packaging. “By combining Sappi Seal with Crystalcon, we are offering manufacturers a sustainable and recyclable packaging solution to fulfil these requirements,” says Kerstin Dietze, Key Account Manager Packaging Solutions.

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The Seal papers feature heat-sealing properties and are recyclable through standard paper disposal systems. Meanwhile, the new translucent Crystalcon paper can be easily sealed onto Sappi Seal. The result is that this fast and sustainable packaging solution is well suited to both food and non-food applications.

The new paper is an uncoated, compostable and translucent. Although not completely transparent, it allows sufficient visibility for consumers to examine the packaged product. “It excels wherever high barriers are not required, but where product visibility is important,” adds Kerstin Dietze. From noodles and rice to magazines, viewing windows in envelopes or sales packaging for greeting cards, the possible applications are numerous.

Quelle: Sappi

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