Product safety with tamper-evident closures

Tampering with plastic pails can be seen with the new closure by Rieke.
(Image: TriMas Packaging)

Rieke presents a new closure that is tamper-evident and provides product and brand protection. The IMF-5 In-Mold Flexspout is a closure for plastic pails and gives customers the possibility to see whether the product has been tampered with. 

According to Europol, the EU’s law enforcement agency, counterfeit products account for roughly 2.5 percent of global trade – an equivalent value of $461 billion. The list of counterfeit products is long: ranging from high-end luxury goods such as watches, perfumes and leather products, to everyday consumer goods such as toys, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food, to industrial goods such as machinery, spare parts and even chemicals. Rieke now has a new solution in its range of tamper-evident closures to ensure effective support for original manufacturers in their fight against product fraud.

The tamper-evident closures give consumers security.
(Image: TriMas Packaging)

The company’s latest product, the next-generation IMF-5 Flexspout for plastic pails, is molded directly into the pail lid during the injection molding process. This permanent bond between the closure and lid makes it impossible to manipulate or break without detection – ensuring maximum product and brand protection for manufacturers. Additionally, the IMF-5 excels with its premium leak-resistant design and integrated tamper-evident pull ring, ensuring secure product delivery every time.

While the IMF-5 FLEXSPOUT was designed with product security top of mind, the functionality of the closure for customers is also a key benefit. The IMF-5 features a retractable pull-out spout with a large pour orifice for controlled directional dispensing, making it suited for a wide range of industrial applications such as automotive oils and lubricants, paints and coatings, adhesives and cleaning chemicals. Additionally, the next-generation closure is comprised of a special blend of materials enabling improved flexibility and suitability for cold-weather applications. With its low-profile design, the IMF-5 can be easily stacked and installed robotically – for efficient, cost-saving processing. The IMF-5’s all-plastic, polyethylene design allows the closure to be easily recycled, making it a sustainable alternative to spouts consisting of mixed materials.

With he new Closure consumers can see whether the product was already opened
(Image: TriMas Packaging)

“The IMF-5 is truly an all-in-one solution. We are happy to support our customers in their fight against counterfeiting with a highly effective solution. This next-generation In-Mold FLEXSPOUT guarantees safety, security and exceptional product and brand protection along with easy handling and sustainable waste management.”

Alistair Paterson, Product Marketing Manager – Closures at TriMas Packaging

Source: TriMas Packaging

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