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Image of an assortment of labelling printers
Coding, marking and labelling systems for industrial identification from product to pallet. (Image: Domino Germany)

Consumer and brand protection, traceability along the entire process chain, protection against product piracy, environmentally friendly packaging solutions, waste reduction and legally compliant labelling – today’s requirements for product and packaging labelling could hardly be more complex and changeable. Thankfully, Domino has been providing coding, marking and labelling systems for almost 45 years.

Today, Domino is a leading provider of industrial coding, marking and labelling solutions used in manufacturing and logistics environments worldwide. The systems can be used, for example, to apply shelf life and traceability data, lot, batch and inspection numbers, metre and inch markings and logistics information to products, packaging and pallets. The product portfolio also includes monochrome and full-colour digital printing systems for label and packaging printing.

Continuous inkjet technology on the rise

Domino was founded in 1978 by Graeme Minto, a former project manager for Cambridge Consultants Ltd (CCL), leading a client-based project in developing continuous inkjet technology. Although Graeme Minto’s client lost interest in the project, the visionary himself was convinced that the idea was promising. Therefore, he acquired the necessary licence and literally founded a garage company.

Picture of a processing system
In-house image processing systems check and verify product codes (up to 60,000 products per hour) (Image: Domino Germany)

Graeme Minto could consider himself lucky when the company began to grow in the early 1980s. This was helped by the support of EU legislation that required perishable goods to be marked with expiry dates. Continuous inkjet technology (CIJ) is the ideal process for these requirements. The Unijet, developed in 1978, was able to mark around 4,500 to 30,000 products per hour.

In 1985, the founder took Domino public in England and decided to hand over the reins to a management team with more experience in running large companies. He himself became chairman, but after four years he moved on to other things, leaving behind an emerging company with a very attractive, in-demand technology.

In search of further technologies

But not every product and every package can be optimally marked using CIJ technology. Domino’s board of directors quickly realised that in the context of this technology, limitations such as high product speeds, moisture films on product surfaces, general surface properties and shapes, substrate materials or production steps such as steam sterilisation in different sectors were simultaneously a threat and an opportunity for the company.

Image of three inject printer
The Ax series continuous inkjet printers can be used to mark a wide range of product surfaces. (Image: Domino Germany)

Those responsible were aware that it was not possible to focus on just one marking technology. Primarily because it could cover many, but not all applications in terms of product and packaging materials, and that the rapid company growth would soon stagnate without further specialisation and expansion. Therefore, Domino has steadily added more technologies to its product portfolio over the years. This led to the gradual addition of laser technology (CO2 -, fibre and, more recently, UV lasers), thermal transfer printing, the piezo inkjet process, thermal inkjet technology as well as label printing and dispensing solutions to the product portfolio. In the end, this means that all coding, marking and labelling applications can be properly served.

As a designer, developer and manufacturer of today’s comprehensive range of coding, marking and labelling systems (including industrial camera systems for code checking and verification), Domino provides manufacturing companies with customised system technologies that can be used to meet all labelling requirements from product to pallet.

More than a marker

The digital printing industry is also fundamental to Domino’s continued success. Digital Printing Solutions, a separate business unit within Domino Printing Sciences plc, provides solutions for the commercial printing industry as well as label presses for printing full colour labels using the digital printing process.

“Domino Do more” means for all employees at Domino to make an impression, and the best one, especially on the customers. Because production for the customers has priority. The experts know the market and legal requirements of the individual industries and speak their language. They are trained internally to find exactly the optimal solution in each case.

Focus on special corporate values

“Thanks to our competent employees, we know our customers’ requirements, think ahead for them and thus always provide solution-oriented advice,” says Götz Kroeber, Managing Director of Domino Deutschland GmbH. He is an engineer and has known the labelling industry and its requirements for many years. Götz Kroeber joined Domino Germany in November 2012 as overall sales manager and was appointed managing director with effect from 1 June 2019. For him and all employees, cooperation, listening, competence, ambition and responsibility take the highest priority.

Image of a man, who is smiling into the camera
"Progress is not possible without challenging the status quo." Goetz Kroeber, Managing Director of Domino Deutschland GmbH (Image: Domino Germany)

“As a global company, we are fortunate to be able to tap into the expertise and experience of a large number of brilliant minds around the world. However, this is only possible if we work together as one. That is why we strive to foster a culture for this in everything we do, so that everyone can contribute their ideas and help improve the company. When it comes to our customers, collaboration is also crucial and forms the foundation of our customer relationships. “

Götz Kroeber

One of the ways to work together more effectively is also active listening. The company is continuously working internally to strengthen its competences. In terms of implementation, these include compliance with global regulations, Industry 4.0 and smart production, sustainability in manufacturing and waste reduction. A fairly recent example is the acquisition of Lake Image Systems. 

Image of a printing entity
The Unijet in use at the first Domino customer Cowell Arrow in the 1980s. (Image: Domino Germany)

“This was the result of our commitment to further develop our competencies in machine vision because we recognised that quality control and data validation are enormously important for our customers. As well as our customers, we have a responsibility to our stakeholders, to everyone within the Brother Group, to the communities in which we operate and to the environment. None of this we can do without our skilled and dedicated employees. They are the driving force behind Domino.”

Götz Kroeber

Bundled potential

For more than 40 years, Domino has been a trusted sparring partner for manufacturing companies and machine builders (OEMs) in numerous industries with its coding and marking solutions and the know-how of industry experts. Uncomplicated. Human. Solution-oriented. Effective.

As the German sales and service subsidiary of the global Domino Printing Sciences group of companies, the industrial coders of Domino Deutschland GmbH provide manufacturing companies with efficient solutions for industrial product and packaging labelling as well as brand protection. The company specialises in the various requirements of different industries such as food, beverages or life sciences.

“Our industrial printing expertise and reliable solutions help manufacturers worldwide to produce sustainably and reduce waste while engaging, informing and protecting consumers,” is how Götz Kroeber sums it up.

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