Marchesini Group acquires Rejves Machinery Srl

A machine made by Rejves Machinery Srl, a company recently acquired by the Marchesini Group.
Das aquirierte Unternehmen Rejves Machinery Srl ist auf AbfĂĽll- und VerschlieĂźmaschinen spezialisiert. (Bild: Marchesini)

2022 ends with a new acquisition by Marchesini Group. The target is Rejves Machinery Srl, a company from Marmirolo (Mantua) which specialises in the construction of filling and capping machines for packaging cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical and food products. As a result of the operation, Rejves Machinery Srl joins the team of the Pianoro (Bologna) multinational, one of the world’s top producers of technologies for packaging drugs, vaccines and beauty products.

Founded in 2002, Rejves Machinery Srl is the outcome of a typical Italian story of successful entrepreneurship. The current owner, Mantua-born Renzo Vesentini, decided to found it after 30 years in the industry, putting his experience, problem-solving abilities and a strong inclination to innovation. The first machines to be placed on the market were capping machines, sold to customers with small-scale production operations. Today, Rejves Machinery Srl embodies all the characteristics intrinsic to the spirit of Marchesini Group and of the dozens of businesses that have helped to extend the Bologna-based holding company’s frontiers in its almost 50-year history: a very strong international focus, reflected in exports which exceed 90 percent of turnover; an extraordinary approach to construction which easily accommodates unique, complex projects; and, last but not least, a prioritisation of human capital and the bond with the local community, fundamental to the conduct of the company’s business.

“We are small but special, and perhaps that is why a large multinational like Marchesini Group has decided to invest in us,” Renzo Vesentini declared. “Now we are part of a large group and some commercial mechanisms will change, but I am sure we will conserve our key characteristic: the ability to produce innovative solutions, whether it is a machine for applying special caps or a technology for filling liquids of any complexity.”

Pietro Cassani, Chief Executive Officer of Marchesini Group, added: “Next year our turnover will pass the half a billion mark: acquiring a majority stake in Rejves Machinery will help us to diversify our vast customer portfolio even further and to achieve new growth targets. As part of this expansion, we will be looking in the Mantua area for new staff, mainly technicians and engineers, to join the company at once alongside the existing workforce of 20.”

Source: Marchesini Group

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