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Doppelte Freude bei Cardbox Packaging

Mit einem Jahr Versp├Ątung konnten endlich die Carton Austria Awards 2021 vergeben werden. Bei der Preisverleihung in Wien r├Ąumte das Unternehmen Cardbox Packaging gleich doppelt ab und heimste sowohl den Public Award als auch den Jury Award f├╝r seine Kartonl├Âsungen ein.

Cooperation around the globe

Frozen pizzas are among the most popular fast-food dishes: However, their delicate ingredients make processing and packaging anything but easy. To overcome these challenges, a major frozen food manufacturer in the USA relies on Syntegon Technology's system expertise from product distribution to case packers.

Paper packaging trend: How well does recycling work?

The trend towards paper is unbroken. As a substitute for plastic, the material is supposed to be more sustainable and protect the environment. But what does more and more paper packaging mean for the recycling of the fibres? Because even these packaging materials cannot do without plastic coatings, varnishes and adhesives. We asked Dr.-Ing. Tiemo Arndt, scientific director of the Papiertechnische Stiftung PTS, about this.