Packaging technology


As consumers, it seems we only really handle labels when it comes to peeling off, tearing off or covering up prices on items we intend to give as gifts. But these labelling strips also play a key role both in logistics and consumer information. Now, some manufacturers are taking this tried and tested method to the digital age.


Cooperation around the globe

Frozen pizzas are among the most popular fast-food dishes: However, their delicate ingredients make processing and packaging anything but easy. To overcome these challenges, a major frozen food manufacturer in the USA relies on Syntegon Technology's system expertise from product distribution to case packers.

Static electricity can pack up

In the packaging industry, the phenomenon of electrostatic charging and discharging is one of the daily challenges. Thus, food manufacturers are also dependent on processes to reduce electrostatic charge by means of ionisers - and depending on the application, as precisely, efficiently and energy-savingly as possible.

Paper machine on the fast track

Over the last few years, Andritz converted the PM10 from production of SC paper to a fluting and testliner machine. The scope of supply comprised the stock preparation section, a comprehensive rebuild of the paper machine, and the complete automation.

Protect machine networks safely

Companies are increasingly becoming victims of hacker attacks and recent cases show that companies should not underestimate the danger and neglect their digital security. Optima Packaging has therefore partnered up with Lancom Systems to protect their systems and data.

Bobst bandwidth gives customers a choice

No printing process alone can cover the diverse label production requirements of the branded goods industry. That's why it's an advantage when a company with in-house developed digital, flexo and all-in-one technologies can leave all options open for label manufacturers to cover these customer requirements with solutions from a single source.

From the miller’s trade to the filling professional

The Greif Velox story begins with one of the oldest documented companies in the world. The development from the Greifen mill to today's global leader in the field of bagging light materials can be traced back more than a thousand years. The special feature: The full lines which focus equally on the processing of solid and liquid products.