On the final spurt to Fachpack 2022

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(Pictures: NĂĽrnbergMesse / Thomas Geiger)

The time has come again. It won’t be long now before the trade fair event of the year for the packaging industry is upon us – Fachpack in Nuremberg. Exhibitors, visitors and also the organisers themselves are looking forward to it with great anticipation. Because the trade fair offers the chance for personal exchange and deals with topics that move the industry, we wanted to know: How are things going? To find out, we asked Philip Blass, Director of Fachpack, directly.

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Phillip Blass, Director Fachpack, is looking forward to another trade fair with intensive exchange on topics that concern the industry. (Image: NĂĽrnbergMesse)

It really is not long now until the fair. How great is the stress in these last weeks?

Yes, for us it already feels a bit like the final spurt. So, the sales are largely completed and now it's time to organise the implementation. Due to the postponement of the PowTech trade fair, for the first time, we will also have a simultaneous event of the Fachpack and PowTech trade fairs. This, of course, means that we will occupy a total of twelve halls and the visitors can look forward to a very successful combination. From the processing and packaging sector, i.e. production and process technology on the PowTech side, and finally, packaging and filling on the Fachpack side. So yes, the anticipation is rising!

Why can't anyone in the industry afford to miss Fachpack this year?

Fachpack is simply the European meeting place for the industry. And anyone who wants to know what innovations and trends there are, or who is looking for professional dialogue, who appreciates the exchange of knowledge, naturally has to be there. We think the industry is facing great challenges and is also undergoing them. Therefore, we have a lot to discuss. And now more than ever, there is a need for meeting points and marketplaces where the pressing issues can be discussed at eye level. And in this context, the Fachpack slogan "We are shaping the future" is perhaps more than just a slogan.

If we are shaping the future with packaging, the guiding theme "Transition in Packaging" fits wonderfully. What exactly do you want to show with it?

With the main theme, we want to raise awareness at Fachpack and make clear what is going on in the industry. In other words, we want to provide orientation and promote dialogue in a time that is characterised by strong currents and environmental influences. With this central theme, we draw a red thread through the entire supporting programme of the fair: through special shows, forums and daily topics. Another theme is digitalization. We’ll deal with this topic in detail in the technical programme of PackBox and TecBox in the forums on the Thursday of the fair, where Packaging Journal will also make an exciting contribution.

We are very happy to be part of it. The other big topic is, of course, sustainability. What is your impression? Is the transition already over?

Sustainability is simply a mammoth task. And although a lot has already been achieved, the topic is simply very complex and does not stop at national borders. What we have noticed, of course, is that the circular economy, for example, has become an integral part of the packaging discussion and is now an integral part of packaging design. With the exhibitor, PreZero, we have a globally active waste disposal company at Fachpack for the first time, precisely with the aim of closing material cycles. We will certainly see many good approaches here again at Fachpack.

Join us at the Fachpack from 26th to 29th of September in NĂĽrnberg.

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