Marchesini investiert in Standort von CMP

Eröffnung Werk CMP von Marchesini
(Bild: Marchesini Group)

Marchesini - Weitere Meldungen

A machine made by Rejves Machinery Srl, a company recently acquired by the Marchesini Group.

Marchesini Group acquires Rejves Machinery Srl

2022 ends with a new acquisition by Marchesini Group. The target is Rejves Machinery Srl, a company from Marmirolo (Mantua) which specialises in the construction of filling and capping machines for packaging cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical and food products. As a result of the operation, Rejves Machinery Srl joins the team of the Pianoro (Bologna) multinational, one of the world’s top producers of technologies for packaging drugs, vaccines and beauty products.

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